Fman122 is a dangerous virus and VILLIAN on Animal Jam! He is a hacker and is often known as sending necklaces to random people, "so when they except the necklace it will cause a lag". This is totally not true! Most people pretend to be Fman, but they're just a fake. Most of their usernames are "New Jammer", because they most likely really want to create a new account, so people wouldn't know they're the real Fman, because of the username. But you are not allowed to have that username anyway. People sometimes record when they "pretend" to be Fman. The videos may be funny. Also every Fman you see around with the username "New Jammer" is a fake. Moving on!


Fman122 is a wolf named Awesome Sunnybrave.

Fman122's underbody is white, and he has the red vi Fmanbackup122

Another real user is recycle and fmanstorage.

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Rycycled beards