Julian2 is a well known AnimalJam Youtuber. His videos were always fun to watch, including commentary gameplays and mail times. Before his channel got deleted, he had over 68,000 subscribers, and was the most subscribed AnimalJam channel. To this date of 10/26/15, Wolffeycat (AnimalJammer330) has more subscribers. Since the deletion of his channel, other popular channels have taken his place, but the fans of Julian know that he will always be on the top. Julian was loved by many fans, but jealousy got the best of others, and this caused the deletion of his channel. His channel was deleted by his 'ex-friend' LilacPetal, who had Twinkle0122 and Catgoesmoo by her side when she did. He has started over with a new channel, and it currently has 65,243g+ subscribers.

Julian2's most known animal is a horse, wearing the default monocle, and the Non Member Sword. Most fanarts are based on this animal.

Julian's Age: 17


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